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Corint Media is a European corporation of media enterprises that offers licences for the usage of digital publications and the programmes of private broadcasters.


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Corint Media manages the rights of private broadcasting companies on both the German and international market. The legal basis of its activities is the EU’s Collective Management Organisations (CMO) Directive. By implementing the European Union’s Digital Single Market (DSM) directive, the exercise of European press copyright will be standardised. Corint Media facilitates the practical implementation of these rights, which are granted by European legislation, and can enforce them efficiently as a European collecting society.

Facts & Figures

  • Established

    Corint Media began to exercise the protection of ancillary rights for private broadcasters 20 years ago under the name of VG Media.

  • International

    Corint Media licences the rights of international media companies in more than 40 countries across the globe.

  • Supported

    Corint Media has signed extensive licencing agreements with more than 360,000 contractors to date.

We believe a Democracy needs free Media

Brand storyDemocracies need independent media. Freedom requires financial viability. This is where we come in.

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Corint Media is a company with German roots, but we manage the rights both of German and international media companies. The protection and implementation of these rights in exchange for appropriate remuneration establishes an economic basis for broadcasters and publishers, who in turn can use it to pay creatives and writers adequately. Corint Media protects media companies’ investments and ensures they receive a fair share of the royalties when their rights are used by third parties.

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