Every day, every hour the media indus­try, hand in hand with their crea­ti­ves, make enor­mous invest­ments to pro­du­ce con­tent accord­ing to the jour­na­listic stan­dards of truth and reflec­tion of rea­li­ty as varied, dif­fe­ren­tia­ted and com­plex it is. Media indus­try, press is a deter­mi­ning fac­tor in the for­ma­ti­on of public opi­ni­on. Howe­ver this con­tent has to be based on finan­cial via­bi­li­ty. Con­tent pro­vi­ders – publis­hers and crea­ti­ve copy­right hol­ders – must the­re­fo­re be com­men­surate­ly remu­ne­ra­ted, based on the value of their con­tent. The enfor­ce­ment of this princip­le is the respon­si­bi­li­ty, the ser­ving obli­ga­ti­on of Corint Media, acting as trus­tee to all kinds of right­hol­ders.

We belie­ve a Demo­cra­cy needs free Media

The dri­ving for­ce behind Corint Media

Free media con­sti­tu­tes the fun­da­men­tal basis of a func­tio­n­ing demo­cra­cy. Citi­zens need access to a varie­ty of inde­pen­dent and trust­worthy sources of infor­ma­ti­on and can form an opi­ni­on enab­ling them to par­ti­ci­pa­te and act in a lively demo­cra­cy. Intel­lec­tu­al pro­per­ty – as the core of any pro­vi­si­on of infor­ma­ti­on – is par­ti­cu­lar­ly important in this con­sti­tu­tio­nal struc­tu­re. Copy­right hol­ders, crea­ti­ves and entre­pre­neurs can only meet its chal­len­ge if they are appro­pria­te­ly remu­ne­ra­ted for the use of their work by others.

Our brand sto­ryCorint Media enfor­ces rights in order to ensu­re the fun­ding of inde­pen­dent and free media to sta­bi­li­ze demo­cra­cy


It did not start today: the phi­lo­so­phy of free­dom, the thoughts of pro­per­ty as mate­ria­li­sed free­dom, the divi­si­on of power as gui­ding princip­le of working demo­cra­ci­es reach back as far as anti­qui­ty, repre­sen­ted  by some of the most signi­fi­cant phi­lo­so­phers of the Enligh­ten­ment, deve­lo­ped by thin­kers of the modern age. Their works ser­ve Corint Media as gui­de­li­nes to assess, ori­ent and set examp­les. A selec­tion:

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Initia­ti­ves & part­ners

Corint Media ope­ra­tes wit­hin a defi­ned frame­work, bound by share­hol­ders and right­hol­ders as well as by col­la­bo­ra­tors and initia­ti­ves. Our part­ners­hips have come about as a result of our cor­po­ra­te goal and our respon­si­bi­li­ty for “the who­le”.

Com­mit­ment:Corint Media sup­ports the work of Inno­cence in Dan­ger e.V., which pro­tects child­ren and ado­lescents from sexu­al vio­lence, inclu­ding on the inter­net.
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