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Berlin, 2021-01-18

VG Media rebrands itself as Corint Media

Under its new name, Corint Media GmbH, the company will continue to evolve its internationalisation strategy for the private media sector. Its corporate identity, brand tagline and digital identity will change. All administrative data, the company’s legal basis and purpose will remain the same.

After 20 years of successful entrepreneurship, the company is now taking the next step: VG Media will develop into Corint Media in line with the growing importance of the international licencing market. On the new domain,, rightholders, licensees, associations, politicians and the public will in future find all the relevant information about the company and contacts. All administrative data, including bank details, will remain the same. This also applies to the company’s legal basis and purpose. With a new corporate identity, dynamic design and website, Corint Media will take on a more European branding with a contemporary, consistent company design and a straightforward, direct brand tagline: Licensing Intellectual Property.

Corint Media takes its name from the ancient city of Corinth, one of the cradles of European democracy and history. At the same time, our rebranding is an abbreviation for our company’s core activities: Copyright International Media.

CEO Markus Runde says the following about the name change: “Both references in the Corint brand celebrate the fact that the creation, protection and implementation of intellectual property are strong pillars of any democratic society. With the means at our disposal, we will continue striving to keep private content affordable and to enforce applicable laws against all corporations, including digital ones.”

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