Christoph Schwennicke becomes Man­ag­ing Direc­tor

The for­mer edi­tor-in-chief and man­ag­ing direc­tor of the polit­i­cal mag­a­zine Cicero will lead Corint Media togeth­er with Markus Runde. The expan­sion of the man­age­ment board marks the start of inten­si­fied efforts to enforce press pub­lish­ers’ ancil­lary rights.

Press Release
Berlin, 2021-05-18

Short­ly before a far-reach­ing law pro­tect­ing ancil­lary rights for news pub­lish­ers comes into effect, the Col­lec­tive Man­age­ment Organ­i­sa­tion (CMO) Corint Media is strength­en­ing its team. Christoph Schwennicke, the for­mer pub­lish­er, edi­tor-in-chief and man­ag­er of the polit­i­cal mag­a­zine Cicero, will lead Corint Media togeth­er with Markus Runde with imme­di­ate effect.

The expan­sion of the man­age­ment at this time marks the start of Corint Media’s efforts to enforce its pub­lish­ers’ rights more rig­or­ous­ly on plat­forms that dom­i­nate the dig­i­tal sphere, such as Face­book and Google. Corint Media’s aim is, on the one hand, to enforce appro­pri­ate remu­ner­a­tion of these rights, while on the oth­er, to reg­u­late the con­di­tions of access to these plat­forms in a way that ensures the per­ma­nen­cy of the free press and the preser­va­tion of its impor­tant func­tions in a democ­ra­cy. Schwennicke, a trained jour­nal­ist and for­mer man­ag­ing share­hold­er of Res Pub­li­ca Ver­lag (Cicero and Monop­oly) will take over Corint Media’s exter­nal com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

Schwennicke, who was born in 1966, worked for nine years as edi­tor-in-chief and man­ag­ing direc­tor of Cicero, after var­i­ous posi­tions that includ­ed lead­ing roles in the edi­to­r­i­al office for par­lia­men­tary affairs of the Badis­che Zeitung, Süd­deutsche Zeitung and the Spiegel. He is one of Germany’s most renowned polit­i­cal jour­nal­ists and a reg­u­lar guest on polit­i­cal talk shows, and radio andtele­vi­sion press con­fer­ences. As a jour­nal­ist, he has received numer­ous awards, includ­ing the Theodor Wolff Prize, the Hen­ri Nan­nen Prize and the Media Prize of the Ger­man Bun­destag.

I am very much look­ing for­ward to this new, huge and impor­tant task,” says Schwennicke. “The ques­tion of whether dig­i­tal jour­nal­is­tic prod­ucts are ade­quate­ly and fair­ly remu­ner­at­ed by users is deci­sive for the con­tin­ued exis­tence of qual­i­ty jour­nal­ism, the safe­guard­ing of our industry’s busi­ness mod­el and the ongo­ing guar­an­teed work­ing basis of the pro­fes­sion that I love and have prac­tised with pas­sion for decades. Ulti­mate­ly, the press is a sys­tem­i­cal­ly rel­e­vant sec­tor for plur­al democ­ra­cy. The new law and a fresh aware­ness of the val­ue of intel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ty in the dig­i­tal world are build­ing momen­tum. Togeth­er with my excel­lent col­league Markus Runde, I would like to make use of this.

Dr Torsten Ross­mann, Chair­man of the Super­vi­so­ry Board of Corint Media, said: “With Christoph Schwennicke, we are appoint­ing a com­mit­ted jour­nal­ist and advo­cate of democ­ra­cy to take on the great­est chal­lenge for the future of the Ger­man press and broad­cast­ing com­pa­nies – that is, the dis­pute with glob­al dig­i­tal plat­forms such as Google and Face­book over appro­pri­ate and fair remu­ner­a­tion for use of con­tent from pub­lish­ers and broad­cast­ers. We are delight­ed to wel­come him onto the suc­cess­ful Corint Media team.

Back­ground: Corint Media

Corint Media is a Euro­pean com­pa­ny in the pri­vate media indus­try. It man­ages the copy­rights and ancil­lary rights of almost every Ger­man and sev­er­al international pri­vate tele­vi­sion and radio sta­tions as well as of numer­ous press pub­lish­ers.

Media com­pa­nies rep­re­sent­ed by Corint Media include TV sta­tions such as Sat.1, ProSieben, RTL, WELT, SPORT1, CNBC, Eurosport, VOX, MTV and CNN, radio sta­tions such as ANTENNE BAYERN, radio ffn, Klas­sik Radio, Radio Ham­burg, HitRa­dio-FFH, RPR1 and RTL RADIO, and press pub­lish­ers such as Axel Springer, DuMont Medi­en­gruppe, Ver­lags­ge­sellschaft Mad­sack, Augs­burg­er All­ge­meine, Aschen­dorff Medi­en­gruppe, Rheinisch-Ber­gis­che Ver­lags­ge­sellschaft and Ver­lags­gruppe Ippen, among oth­ers.

Corint Media is one of 13 CMOs autho­rised in Ger­many and comes under the super­vi­sion of the Ger­man Patent and Trade­mark Office (DPMA).

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